Observatory Construction

Slab Prep
Pouring Slab
Floating Slab
Stoop Added
I had some extra concrete left so I added this stoop.
Pier Isolation
None of the slab concrete comes anywhere close to the pier concrete (deadman).
Support Posts Set
Rails Painted
The 2 inch angle irons were painted with cold galvanizing spray compound.
The Rollers Arrive
These 800# capacity v-groove rollers were ordered from McMaster-Carr.
Roller Assembly
Start Building the First Wall
First Two Walls are Up
Roof is On
Roof is Open!
Securing the Roof
Roof Trusses
The building has only four trusses spaced four feet apart. This is more than adequate. The 26 gauge metal roof is screwed down to 2x4 strapping that I ran horizontally on top of the trusses.
More Roof Trusses
Boxing is finished
Gable boxing
Eave boxing
Paint finished
Paint finished, roof open