Outstanding Amateurs

Ash's Astronomy Pages
Chip G.'s Site (ISS pics)
Richard Crisp's Narrow Band Imaging
Russell Croman Astrophotography
Dave Dockery's Site
Rick Krejci's Astro Site
Jerry Lodriguss' Catching the Light
Michael Howell's site
Michael H's DarkFire Observatory
Mark Hanson's 10D/300D Photo Gallery
Dick Locke's Astronomy Site
Mark de Regt's Astronomical Images
Johannes Schedler Astrophotography
Michael Siniscalchi's Helixgate
Jim Solomon's Astropics
Antonio Fernandez Astrophotography
Chuck Vaughn's Astrophotos
Ivan Eder's Astrophotos
Martin Myslivec's Outstanding QHY8 Astrophotography
Dietmar Hager's Astrophotography (M25C)
Bud Guinn's Astrophotograhy
Dave Street's Astronomy Page

NexStar GPS

NexStar Resource Site
Unofficial Support Site for the NexStar11 GPS
Andre Paquette's Nexstar Info Page
Tips & Hacks

Ash's 350D Mod Page
Chris Vedeler's Homemade Mirror Lock
Canon 300D Firmware Hacks
Balancing an SCT
Roth Ritter's C11 Mods
Petteri's sensor cleaning
Dr. Clay's Optics Cleaning Instructions

Small Vendors

ADM Accessories
Agena Astro Products
Hap G's Astro Cables
SoCal Astro (dovetail plates)

Vixen VC200L

Vixen to STL Adapter
Robo-focus Attachment
Homemade CNC Tube Rings
Alan Smallbone's Setup
Michael Downings VC200L Focuser Mod

DIY Sources

Aluminum Anodizing
Technical Info Sites

Comparison of Canon 10D to Nikon D70
Chuck's Astrophotography
Planetary Nebulae Observer's Home Page
Damian Peach's Animated Pickering Scale
Imaging Acquisition Best Practices
ISO and the DSLR Camera
How to Choose a CCD Camera
Ron Wodaski's CD Calculator
Comet Orbital Elements
Christian Buil's Filter Curves
Canon EOS Lens FAQ
Solar System Object Disk Size
Doc G's List of Objects
Optimal ISO for Astrophotography
Compositing 2 Different Exposures
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Site
Seeing Forecast
Damian Peach's C-9.25 Review
Star Testing
Custom White Balance by Jerry Lodriguss

Photoshop Action Central
Wade Observatory Image Processing Tutorials
Methods for Combining Images