Cygnus Loop Mosaic

1195x866  |  2390x1733  |  4779x3465
Date   09/13/2007to09/20/2007
Conditions   Transparency 3-4/5, Seeing 2-3/5
Scope   Takahashi FSQ106N
Filters   Astronomik UHC
Camera   QHY-8
Exposure   48x15min, Gain 63, Offet 115
Processing   ACP/MaximDL, acquisition; ImagesPlus, bayer interpolation, alignment/stacking, ddp, color balance; Registar, mosaic alignment; PS CS2, levels, curves, USM, Noel's Actions, space noise; Gradient Exterminator
Notes   This was my first attempt at doing a mosaic. The Cygnus Loop image above is composed of four seperate panels of which each panel is a stack of 12 images. The stacks were calibrated and processed by my usual procedure and then aligned with Registar before loading the four panels into Photoshop for stitching together and further post processing.
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