The Bubble Nebula

1024x731  |  1889x1348
Date   09/10/2008,09/19/2008,09/20/2008
Conditions   Transparency 3/5, Seeing 3/5
Scope   TMB 130SS
Filters   Astronomik UHC, Baader 7nm Hα
Camera   QHY8, ST10XME
Exposure   24 x 15min RGB (QHY8), 22 x 10min H&alpha (ST10XME)
Processing   ACP/MaximDL, acquisition; ImagesPlus, calibration, alignment/stacking, ddp; PS CS2, levels, curves, Hi-pass, Noel's Actions, space noise
Notes   This is the first time I've tried combining data from two different cameras. The H&alpha data was shot with the SBIG ST10XME and the RGB came from the QHY8 color camera.
Notes   Here is a link to the H&alpha image.
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