M51 in Canes Venatici

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Date   04/15/2007
Conditions   Transparency 4/5, Seeing 3/5
Scope   Vixen VC200LDG @ f/9
Filters   Baader UV-IR Cut
Camera   Canon 350D (IR modified)
Exposure   23x600s ISO1600
Processing   MaximDL raw conversion, bayer interpolation, dark/flat/bias calibration, stacking; ImagesPlus, levels, ddp; PS CS2, levels, curves, USM, hi-pass; Bud Guinn's smaller stars action; Noel's Actions, space noise, soft color gradient
Notes   I thought it was about time to revisit M51. The keen eye will notice a faint fuzzy to the left of NGC5159 (the smaller companion), this is IC4278, a 15.4 magnitude galaxy. A little up and to the right of that one is IC4277, mag 15.7.
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