M35 & NGC2158 in Gemini

Date   03/09/2007
Conditions   Seeing 3/5
Scope   Vixen VC200LDG @ f/6.4
Filters   Baader UV-IR Cut
Camera   Canon 350D (IR modified)
Exposure   10x50s ISO1600
Processing   MaximDL raw conversion, bayer interpolation, dark/flat/bias calibration, stacking; ImagesPlus 3.0beta, levels, ddp; PS CS2, curves, USM; Noel's Actions, space noise, soft color gradient; Gradient Exterminator
Notes   The juxtaposition of the younger, more diffuse M35 with it's bright blue stars with the more compact and much older open cluster, NGC2158 makes for an interesting scene. At 2800 lights years distant, M35 is four times closer than NGC2158.
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