M31, The Great Andromeda Galaxy

 |  1024x797  |  3623x2821
Date   09/22/2007,10/03/2007,10/04/2007
Conditions   Transparency 3/5, Seeing 2/5
Scope   Takahashi FSQ106N
Filters   Baader UV/IR, Baader H&alpha
Camera   QHY-8
Exposure   64x15min, 10x10min, 6x30min (H&alpha), Gain 63, Offet 115
Processing   ACP/MaximDL, acquisition; ImagesPlus, bayer interpolation, alignment/stacking, ddp, color balance, star reduction; Registar, mosaic alignment; PS CS2, levels, curves, Hi-pass, Noel's Actions, space noise, et.al., Gradient Exterminator
Notes   I shot this image over three evenings. I started with M31 centered in my camera but I felt that the image looked too crowded so on the next nights I divided the field in two and shot it as a mosaic. I also took some H&alpha filtered exposures. All of this data was aligned and combined to produce the image above. My previous attempt at M31 is here.
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