M109, Spiral Galaxy

1024x605  |  1280x756
Date   04/05/2008
Conditions   Transparency 3/5, Seeing 3/5
Scope   Vixen VC200L f/9
Filters   Lumicon UV/IR
Camera   QHY-8
Exposure   8x15min, Gain 63, Offet 115
Processing   ACP/MaximDL, acquisition; ImagesPlus, bayer interpolation, alignment/stacking, ddp, star reduction; PS CS2, levels, curves, saturation, Hi-pass, Noel's Actions, space noise; Gradient Exterminator
Notes   I was planning on taking 6 hours of data but only got 2 before the clouds rolled in. I went ahead an processed it because I found the reflection from the bright star Phecda to be so interesting.
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