10" LX200R OTA

My new LX200R OTA has finally arrived! I have high hopes for these optics. Let's have a look.
The packaging was very good. Double boxed and tightly packed in foam with tissue paper around the OTA like a baby shower gift!
After the experience that Jerry Wise had Dan Parker had with finding a white substance smeared in the baffle tube I was relieved to find my tube clear of this substance.
The other side of the baffle tube is clear. Whew!
The rear cell shows the nice screw on cap that Meade supplies and the famous mirror lock that I'm hoping will help with the mirror flop problems I was having with the C-11.
Side by side with my trusty old C-11. According to the specs there is not too much difference in the weight of these two OTA's but the difference felt substantial to me. The 10" LX200R is lighter and it looks small next to the C-11.
I went ahead and loaded up my imaging gear for the purpose of balancing the mount, tandem bar and OTA's. Here is a post balance shot.
The front of the tube.
Tandem mounted with the ED80 on a Casady tandem bar.
Another angle.

For a comparion of the LX200R to my C-11 click here.

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