CGE Adapter Plate

This is the blank plate that I received from speedymetals.
I located, marked, drilled and countersunk three holes in the plate. The holes are used to secure the plate to the top of my pier.
I bolted the plate to the top of my pier with three 3/8-16, flat head, hex socket bolts that I got from Austin Bolt. At this point I was checking to make sure that my holes had been located in the right spots before going on.
I set the electronics pier down on the plate and located the holes for the tree bolts that connect the mount to the plate. The fit is perfect.
I drilled three 5/16 inch holes radially into the plate at the locations that I marked in the last step and tapped them for the 3/8-16 pier attachment bolts.
The finished plate with the pier attachment bolts installed.
The finished plate installed on my pier.
The electronics pier installed.
All done!