LX200R Going Back to Meade

Hopes Dashed
I had such high hopes for this new optical design from Meade. The design may be fine but the sample that I got definitely had problems. I spent several evening (some of them good imaging nights) trying to collimate and get decent star images. I could never get collimation just right. If I got it tuned perfectly on one side of focus then it would be off a lot on the other side. I have never seen this with any of my three prior Celestron SCT's nor with any of the SCT's at N.C. State University that I used to collimate. The lower right image shows the photographic effect of this mis-alignment. The stars look "clipped".
A New Hope
The folks at Oceanside Photo and Telescope were great. I got full refund credit from them that I applied to a new OTA. I've going to try a Vixen VC200L next. This is a scope that is really targeted at photography. There are some nice images published by folks using this OTA. Looks like I will have to learn to love diffraction spikes!
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